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Response to Schaeffer's Article on Orthodox Church's Silience in the face of Gay Persecution in Russia: OF COURSE!!!!!

Start with this article by Frank Schaeffer

Personally, I think the outrage should have started after Pussy Riot was jailed for their protest, under pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church. I actually remember hearing something about a Russian Orthodox youth leader being quoted as saying, "Feminism is motivated by a general hatred for all humanity" as a way of discrediting the protesters.

But at least we're paying attention to it now.

As for the silence of our Orthodox Leaders, of course they're silent, what else are out-of-touch elders supposed to be?

I guess it's kinda weird that many people in other faiths have someone they look up to in their faith for moral guidance... Meanwhile in the Orthodox Church, I don't think I've ever really looked up to anybody. I mean we have some good people like Met. Kallistos Ware, but I'd be flabbergasted if he were ever to say anything about gays being fully human; something that's non-controversial in other spheres.

Meanwhile we're just wondering if our clergy will ever get around to making basic claims about human rights.

Actually I once encountered an Orthodox Christian who didn't believe in 'human rights' because he said it was a man made euphemism, and that Orthodox Christianity starts with the knowledge that mankind has no rights, but only what God wills. Lots of people can be lured in by this thought ... but really it's just an excuse to deny dignity to other people.

Frightening to think the OC has become so right-wing that it's almost impossible to even get Orthodox Christians to agree that people deserve to be treated with respect.

Just another affect of the masochism of monasticism. People join the Church and get caught up in the ascetic tradition and they mix it up with their own masochistic desires without realizing it. Then the blanket virtue of humility because an excuse to deny other people basic necessities like food, water, love.

Amazing, how we in the Orthodox Church can't have a discussion on human rights because we can't even all agree that human beings should have 'rights'. The idea against it being that 'human rights' is an extension of pride, whereas all Christians are called to live in humility... which involves being whipped with a leather flogger, for being a naughty, naughty, nun. :\

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