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Safe "Pegging"

Ed Strong

Leave it to the French and the sexy Judy Minx to remind us that if you share penetrative sex toys with your partner(s), you should use condoms to prevent the spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and bacteria. Next time you strap on, remember the rubber.
Use a new condom every time a sex toy is inserted into another person.
The public service message [above],starring two randy women, several sex toys, and a lot of condoms. There are subtitles, but you'll definitely get the message. And if you don't, here's a brief translation:
"It's charming... even among girls... Condoms don't just appear with the wave of a magic wand... Sex toys can transmit STIs. Use a new condom for each penetration."
For advice on the care and cleaning of your sex toys, see the recommendations of Good Vibrations.
"Wikipedia comes up with a source for the term 'pegging', but there is an earlier one:
Frontier America's male brothels, or "peg houses," which took their name from the Mediterranean brothel tradition of displaying available boys on a long rack.
The boys were anally impaled on pegs of various sizes abutting the rack, to help customers choose an appropriately capacious catamite.
Pegging describes a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.
The origin of the neologism was a winning entry in a June 21, 2001, contest in Dan Savage's Savage Love sex advice column.
In the column, it was a specifically heterosexual term.
The competition was held after an observation was made that there was no common name for the practice of females penetrating heterosexual men with a dildo.
Because the term is quite new, many people use different terms for "pegging", such as "bend over boyfriend" (commonly shortened to BOB) from the popular video series of the same title.

Good Natural Porn

Before you set your purity torches a' light, this is not your typical porn. This is natural porn. These are not photoshopped girls; the kind that damage men's expectations of female beauty. Instead, this site features the human female form as the women themselves choose to present it. This is wonderfully liberating in comparison to what one sees in the mainstream porn industry. Photoshopped pictures of women and men reduce sex to the mere concept of an unattainable practice. Sex is not a mere concept, nor should it be an unattainable practice, rather it is inextricably linked to relationship; to the intimate space between persons. It is a language, with its own cadence, vocabulary, rules and etiquette; you could write a book.

At her first shoot for amateur-porn site, 19-year-old Chloe B. stripped in front of a camera crew in her university dorm room, rubbed lotion all over her body, then sang her favorite Australian soccer team's anthem.

Dirty blond, curvy, and now 23, Chloe loved the experience so much she’s come back to do more than 20 shoots with Abby Winters—a site from Down Under that emphasizes happy, healthy female models who express their sexuality by expressing themselves.

Since her nude-singing session, for example, Chloe has done porn shoots while driving, cheerleading, even demonstrating how to tackle a soccer opponent, Aussie-style.

Chloe (like all models on Abby Winters, she doesn’t use her real name) first heard about the site from a “mate” who recommended its welcoming, laidback attitude. After an encouraging interview, she decided to give amateur porn a try.

“I’m SO glad I did!” she e-mails. “Abby Winters treats me, along with all the other models, with a great respect… I’ve never felt so comfortable getting naked before.”

Of course, as a regular Abby Winters spokesperson, Chloe gets paid to say how much of a blast she’s having earning extra cash—but the site is packed with testimonials from other models.

They all agree that shooting with Abby Winters is “fantastic” and “mind-opening”—so fun, one woman suggests, it could even make a unique “porno-cation” vacation for American girls visiting Australia.

According to the site’s founder and namesake, Abby Winters, what makes her models so enthusiastic—and her porn so sexy—is her emphasis on “naturalness.”

Unlike most pornography, where even amateurs get dolled up with makeup and “six-inch plastic high heels,” Winters says her models have regular clothes, no fake boobs, and plenty of pubic hair. (“Shaving is so '90s,” declares the “Be a Model” section of the site.)

She only hires women between the ages of 18 and 25, and proportionate figures that promote “a positive body image” are a must.

“We’re basically subverting the porn paradigm,” Winters explains. “All our models are just normal women.” In fact, before working for the site, Winters says most have never been naked in front of anyone before besides their boyfriends.

Concurrently, the role men play behind the scenes is one major difference between a nontraditional site like SuicideGirls and Abby Winters.

“The shoots are all shot by young women, some of whom have been models themselves,” says Winters.

Unlike Suicide Girls, which often encourages models shoot sets with SG-approved, frequently male photographers, no men are allowed on set, and models are given a lot of freedom to explore their own ideas about what’s sexy.

“They like to let us be ourselves,” says Chloe, which makes the end result “so passionate and real, and . . . the orgasms so much more intense!”

Winters started the site back in 2000 with “a digital camera and some random women” in a “dodgy hotel room.”

Though she's never modeled herself, she says she’s learned a lot since then—like professionalism—but her goal is the same. “As a consumer, I was always disappointed by the quality of erotica.

"I had a thing for amateur models—real girls are accessible and much more appealing—but was disappointed how sites always tried to make amateurs look [like professionals].

They totally missed the appeal of an amateur model in the first place!” So Winters took matters into her own hands.

“Originally, I planned to sell my shoots to other sites,” she says, but mainstream porn buyers weren’t interested in her “natural” look. “Satisfyingly,” she says, “those other sites are out of business now.”

Keep it Covered!

By Alexander Cockburn

The control of sex and pornography is a major part of promulgating a prudish, puritanical political culture without ever imposing an overt political censorship regime.

Debates about so-called "political correctness", whether in the race, gender, or ethnicity conflicts can only be explained by the culture of prudery which prevails in American political discourse of all sorts. Like the 'sexual crimes' mania in the media.

It's useful and important this as part of maintaining this rigorously prudish, puritanical political culture the surface of which was barely scratched by the Sixties.

Sexual crimes stand for the violation of the established order based on supposed personal deviance and not on any actual material challenge.

They have the benefit of being immensely trivial and yet due to the absolutely poor to non-existent transmission of the ‘standards’ for acceptable sexual conduct, esp. occlusion from public instruction, remain ultimately "fantasy crimes".

People can imagine the most heinous punishments for this behavior because it is impossible for them to conceive of a sex crime in the same way as bribery of public officials or assassinations performed by agencies disguised as armies or cultural aid missions.

This impossibility goes back to the terror used by parents and teachers to threaten children for violations of their will by creating nonsensical consequences for trivial acts.

A perfect example of this is the story of the man in Fairfax County Virginia, who got up early on Monday morning, October 19, walked naked into his own kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee?

The next significant thing that happened to 29-year-old Eric Williamson is the local cops arriving to charge him with indecent exposure.

It turns out that while he was brewing the coffee, a mother was taking her 7-year-old son along a path beside Williamson’s house, espied the naked Williamson and called the local precinct, or more likely her husband, who turns out to be a cop.

“Yes, I wasn’t wearing any clothes,” Williamson said later, “but I was alone, in my own home and just got out of bed. It was dark and I had no idea anyone was outside looking in at me.”

The story ended up on TV, starting with Fox, and in the opening rounds the newscasters and network blogs had \ merciless sport with the Fairfax police for their absurd behavior.

Hasn’t a man the right to walk around his own home (or in this case rented accommodations) dressed according to his fancy? Answer, obvious to anyone familiar with relevant case law, absolutely not.

Peeved by public ridicule the Fairfax cops turned up the heat. The cop’s wife started to maintain that first she saw Williamson by a glass kitchen door, then through the kitchen window.

Mary Ann Jennings, a Fair-fax County Police spokesperson, stirred the pot of innuendo:” We’ve heard there may have been other people who had a similar incident.”

The cops are asking anyone who may have seen an unclothed Williamson through his windows to come forward, even if it was at a different time.

They’ve also been papering the neighborhood with fliers, asking for reports on any other questionable activities by anyone resembling Williamson—a white guy who’s a former diver, and who has a 5-year old daughter, not living with him.

I’d say that if the cops keep it up, and some prosecutor scents opportunity Williamson will be pretty lucky if they don’t throw some cobbled-up indictment at him.

Toss in a jailhouse snitch making his own plea deal, a faked police line-up, maybe an artist’s impression of the Fairfax Flasher, and Eric could end up losing his visitation rights and, worst comes to worst, getting ten years plus posted for life on some sex offender site.

You think we’re living in the twenty-first century, in the clinical fantasy world of CSI? Wrong. So far as forensic evidence is concerned, we remain planted in the seventeenth century with trial by ordeal such as when they killed women as witches if they floated when thrown into a pond.

Response to Schaeffer's Article on Orthodox Church's Silience in the face of Gay Persecution in Russia: OF COURSE!!!!!

Start with this article by Frank Schaeffer

Personally, I think the outrage should have started after Pussy Riot was jailed for their protest, under pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church. I actually remember hearing something about a Russian Orthodox youth leader being quoted as saying, "Feminism is motivated by a general hatred for all humanity" as a way of discrediting the protesters.

But at least we're paying attention to it now.

As for the silence of our Orthodox Leaders, of course they're silent, what else are out-of-touch elders supposed to be?

I guess it's kinda weird that many people in other faiths have someone they look up to in their faith for moral guidance... Meanwhile in the Orthodox Church, I don't think I've ever really looked up to anybody. I mean we have some good people like Met. Kallistos Ware, but I'd be flabbergasted if he were ever to say anything about gays being fully human; something that's non-controversial in other spheres.

Meanwhile we're just wondering if our clergy will ever get around to making basic claims about human rights.

Actually I once encountered an Orthodox Christian who didn't believe in 'human rights' because he said it was a man made euphemism, and that Orthodox Christianity starts with the knowledge that mankind has no rights, but only what God wills. Lots of people can be lured in by this thought ... but really it's just an excuse to deny dignity to other people.

Frightening to think the OC has become so right-wing that it's almost impossible to even get Orthodox Christians to agree that people deserve to be treated with respect.

Just another affect of the masochism of monasticism. People join the Church and get caught up in the ascetic tradition and they mix it up with their own masochistic desires without realizing it. Then the blanket virtue of humility because an excuse to deny other people basic necessities like food, water, love.

Amazing, how we in the Orthodox Church can't have a discussion on human rights because we can't even all agree that human beings should have 'rights'. The idea against it being that 'human rights' is an extension of pride, whereas all Christians are called to live in humility... which involves being whipped with a leather flogger, for being a naughty, naughty, nun. :\


Why Orthodox Bishops Should Either Say Something Nice, Or Remain Silent on DOMA

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) signed into law by former Pres. Bill Clinton in '96 (back when the definition of marriage was between a man, his wife, and his intern), many Orthodox Christians are wondering whether or not the Orthodox Church should make any kind of a statement regarding DOMA, or at least if American Orthodox Church hierarchy shouldn't make a big brew-ha-ha over it.

Allow me to explain why condemning the ruling, is a very, very, bad idea. Not only that, it would risk exposing the Orthodox Church as the sad, insecure, far too into making boys play football and girls bake cupcakes, bigoted institution it has become.

25% of the world's natural gas wells are leaking. If our Orthodox Bishops can find the time to tell people what they can't do in their own bedrooms but can't find the time to condemn relaxed regulations that allow gas to seep into people's drinking water...( that would be offensive.

If our Orthodox Bishops are more interested in standing with Rand Paul than they are with Edward Snowden, there's some chance they never really stood for freedom, even from sin.

If our Orthodox Bishops can find the time to condemn gay marriage, (or Same-Sex-Attraction as some of them call it) but can't find the time to condemn the banking system that's come to light through the emails that recently came out, written pre-'08 crash, by S&P employees saying, "Lord help our [expletive] scam . . . this has to be the stupidest place I have worked at," and “We rate every deal. It could be structured by cows and we would rate it.”

And again if Orthodox Bishops can find the time to tell individuals they can't take it up the rear while giving the ol' silent treatment when Morgan Chase tells homeowners' they're going to be taking it up the ass, that's offensive.

So I think it would be wise if our hierarchy took a hint from the God we worship, by responded to the issue of DOMA, with absolute silence.

Besides, most Orthodox Bishops don't even know what a homosexual is. This whole issue is literally happening at the same time they're taking basic sex-ed, and are still on chapter 1.

We can't expect our leadership to show either understanding or compassion yet, until after they've seen "My Mom's Having a Baby" and gone, "ohhhhhh, so that's where babies come from."

But really, as one of the few remaining, more enlightened Orthodox Bishops likes to say, "Moral outrage is a form of confession. We hate most in others, what we fear most in ourselves."

Which can only mean one thing. Right now, at conference of Orthodox leaders in Texas... the biggest Ortho-gay fuck fest the laity has ever seen is taking place, because Orthodox Clergy really, really, hate gay people. And they DEFINITELY DO NOT, approve of oral sex.

So remember, for all the homosexuals in our Church who've ever been made to feel ostracized and alone due to the intolerance of most of our Clergy, we the laity, near and far, who commune with you at the Eucharist, stand with you and wish you joy and happiness in your right to marry; to love and to be loved.

And for our Priests and Bishops who still think St. John Chrysostom had it right, here's a video of two gay dogs fucking (yes, it's relevant).
Gay Dogs gettin' at it