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Wildfaire in Goldendale WA threatens St. John The Forerunner's Monastery

A wildfire that erupted Wednessday near Satus Pass by Goldendale, WA, which began in grass and brush, covering nearly 2,000 acres, caused the evacuation of some 300 people according to the Department of Natural Resources. The wildfire destroyed some 19 structures including 9 homes and 10 outbuildings. So far no injuries have been reported. Nuns from St. John's, fearing for the safety of their Monastery, ran across hw 97 to fight the blaze with a garden hose along side other fire-fighters and local residence. Some 200 firefighters were combating the blaze, however whether conditions in the region have been hot, dry, windy and, as is typical for that region during the summer months, the humidity is very low. As of Thursday the state of Washington has taken charge of containing the wildfire and has order some 65 engines to combat the blaze.

Miraculously, though the flames crept as far as the Monastery property boarder, the property and the Monastery itself, remain intact.

View photos of the even, here.