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Discontent in The Catholic World of Sex

Spiritual literature tends to be naïve and in denial about the power of sexuality, as if it could be dismissed as some insignificant factor in the spiritual journey. As if it could be dismissed at all.  It will always make itself felt, consciously or unconsciously. Nature is almost cruel in this regard, particularly to the young.  It fills teenage bodies with powerful hormones that fuel the sexual drive. No matter that they don’t have the emotional and intellectual maturity to properly understand and creatively channel that energy. Read more...

Kind of mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, glad to see Catholics finally wising up to reality. But on the other hand I'm not sure in which context he means that sexuality is a cruel conspiracy between God and nature. I mean, if you maintain the traditional Catholic view, then you almost have to conclude that puberty is a conspiracy, perpetrated by God & nature to convict & condemn. What I'm not sure of, is IF he is still encouraging the traditional Catholic view.