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One Year On, Egyptian Military Continues to Secure US/Israeli Interests.

"A positive democratic outcome." That means positive for Israel, and the Egyptian Military; last standing institution of the old Mubarak regime.

One year on and the protest is going strong. Something the media can't silence, it's like the voice of the voiceless coming down like a hammer on the stone.
Party line is that the revolution is old hat, black hat, untenable, and loosing favor amongst the masses. If you watch the news you hear the gears grinding they want the factories to start again, the machine of production hasn't been oiled in weeks.
But over one million people have brought their voices to the one-year demonstrations happening in Tahrir square; they realize they've still got work to do.

This time last year, they said the revolution and the Egyptian military were hand in hand; born like the Phoenix, the 'Happiest Little Elf' had come to play. But people aren't fooled any longer, they see the council for what it is.
The Egyptian military controls 25-40% of the Egyptian economy, they're part of the power, switching to the revolution was, if anything, a survival tactic, they knew Mubarak was sinking, drowning in the weight of the innocents murdered by his regime.

As a part of the old Mubarak regime, the Egyptian Military is there to secure the interests of neoliberals in Washington DC who want to see a Zionist Egypt; to turn a blind eye to the people of Gaza eating stone for bread.

The revolution isn't done yet, not by a long shot. Portions of the middle class have lost faith in freedom, and the revolution. The children have been led astray by the Pied Piper, and his flute of magical reform, always tomorrow but never here now. The party has been telling them about Sugar Candy Mountain, and the people have swallowed the bitter candy-cane whole.

But you can see through their lies, once you know where the Military stands. They supported the revolution against Mubarak, only after being dragged in, forced to consent. Now they ralley 'round the family, under the Military banner, there to keep the flag waiving, but once you know, once you realize that they've been dinning with the Zionists of DC you see the connection is clear.

The Pied Piper has been playing political arm of the Military by reigning in the protests, standing in the line of anger between the people and the bourgeois. They came to celebrate, to do a dance and a jig then lead you all off to Sugar Candy Mountain. Don't listen, don't be fooled.
The Revolution isn't finished, it's not yet time to celebrate. The people of Egypt now know they came home too soon, they've taken to the streets, they want reform. It's clear to them know they can't leave it to the bourgeois; to the generals; to the military, to carry out this revolution for them.

The Pied Piper now dominates the recent elections, but the Pied Piper never opposed Mubarak on principal. The Pied Piper plays a tune that sounds just like the old sound. The Pied Piper is a arm of the global Capitalist order. The Egyptian people want reform, freedom, liberty. What does the Pied Piper want? The gears of war, the factories en mass, the god of production demands the sacrifice of the soot-faced children pulled out of school and sent to serve the bourgeois.

The Pied Piper is a servant to the global bourgeois elite. Do not be fooled, they never really opposed Mubarak's privatization programs on the whole. They're not really here to give back to the Egyptian people, but to play the friendlier face of the elite. It's Barack Obama gone international incorporated; the sound of progressive rock, but the melody is a drum-beat march to the factories of private hands.

But again you can't fool all the sheep. The Egyptian people are beginning to see the Pied Piper's game, they know Sugar Candy Mountain is a lie.

If the Pied Piper wants to dress like the best of Egypt, like an honest man come to spread peace to all the land, let 'em, the policies of the Pied Piper which lie underneath their humble attire, are the same neoliberal policies of exploitation.

The people of Egypt must realize, they have joined the age old struggle, to throw off the shackles of the old ruling class and enter a new era, and that their desires are the same as the desires of the workers in Gaza, Syria, Libia...etc. The desire for peace does not know boarders.

Egyptians, you have joined the ranks of the works of the world. You must unite to create a new world, by the people, for the people. Egypt does not belong to the private hands of the money changers, or the god of industry who feasts on the souls of dreamless men. You are not alone in your struggle, so make alliances and reach out. Make a new Egypt, for Egypt. Pass out fliers of the Communist Manifesto and start working for yourselves.

Workers of the world unite!