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The World Marches To Jerusalem, Support Palestine

Press Release

The situation in the Middle East is grim.
  • More Palestinian homes demolished. More illegal settlements. The ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem is not just continuing; it is escalating.
  • Both Democrats and Republicans are spineless before the "Israel Lobby".
  • Scientists in Iran are murdered while the same neo-cons who promoted the invasion of Iraq are now threatening war against Iran.
  • North American, European and Arab League governments have failed to bring justice or positive change. The United Nations has been unable to match its words and goals with action. It seems to be up to the everyday people of the world to demand a change in policies, a reversal of direction away from illegal occupations and invasions and toward cooperation and the rule of law. The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements have shown the power of direct nonviolent action. Following their lead, and in the tradition of Ghandi's March to the Sea and ML King's March to Selma for Civil Rights, we are rapidly organizing to participate in the Global March to Jerusalem. The march is committed to nonviolence with tens of thousands of people marching from border countries, from the Occupied Territories, from Gaza and from within Israel. Please see the video link below which contains an invitation from Dr Mustafa Barghouthi. The march will culiminate on Land Day, March 30, in Jerusalem. This is a Palestinian project with international support. Themes of the march are the demand that Israel STOP its occupation and apartheid policies and START implementing UN resolutions and international law. For many reasons it is important that we have a strong contingent from North America. After all, Israeli occupation and apartheid policies would not last long without US support. For more information visit Contact us by email at or call +1 510-244-3518. To support the effort through financial donation visit Please join us or help out as best you can! For Peace & Justice, GMJ North America


A Global March To Jerusalem; World Civilian Coalition

 March for Palestine

Press Release

World Civilian Coalition Gathers for Global March to Jerusalem

Beirut -The International Executive Committee of the Global March to Jerusalem announces the completion of the preparations for the Second International Conference where the representatives of the International Committees involved in the organization of the Global March to Jerusalem will meet. The conference will be held in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon on Tuesday and Wednesday 17th-18th January, 2012.

This meeting will be held to implement the decisions of the previous meeting, held in Amman last month, in which there was a consensus to form an International Central Committee representing all regions of the world and an International Advisory Board of eminent international figures for the march. The date for the onset of the March was agreed to be on the 30th of March, 2012, which marks the 36th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day, when peaceful protest against massive expropriation of Palestinian land was brutally met with deadly force by Zionist troops.  About 40 delegates representing the International Committees throughout the seven continents of the world will be attending the meeting in Beirut. 

The conference will adopt a structural process for the March, and its committee structure will be filled with appointees. The general policies for the international actions will be mandated in Beirut to ensure their success. The conference will also discuss the national events and actions that will be launched in all countries starting from mid January, 2012 and until the date of the march towards Jerusalem or the nearest possible point to it, from inside Palestine and the neighbouring Arab countries, as well as the convoys from Asia, Africa and Europe that will converge on the march date. In addition to that it will coordinate international activities that will coincide with the March in different countries. 

The committee would like to confirm that the Global March to Jerusalem and all the accompanying local events and actions aim to shed light on the issue of Jerusalem (the City of Peace) as the key to peace and war in the region and the world. The racist Judaisation policies of the occupation and its ethnic cleansing practices against Jerusalem, its people and holy sites threaten this peace. Such practices are internationally recognized not only as crimes against Palestinians but as crimes against the whole of humanity. 

The International Executive Committee also emphasized that through this peaceful march they envisage to mobilize Arab and Muslim nations alongside all freedom loving peoples of the world to put an end to Israeli violations of international law through its continuous occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestinian Land. Israel's persistence in continuing its racist and ethnic cleansing practices through the construction of the Apartheid wall, the expansion of settlements and the escalation of killing, destruction, displacement and Judaisation reveals the extent of its crime. This kind of behaviour demands an international rally to support the right of Palestinians to freedom, independence, self-determination and the right of return. This peaceful march is inspired by our belief and the belief of those who support our cause throughout the world that the massive participation of the people of the world is a practical, nonviolent way to achieve justice and preserve peace by ending the Israeli occupation in Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.

The  International Executive Committee of the Global March to Jerusalem GMJ-ICC
Jan. 10th 2012
For more information, please contact:
Zaher Birawi: +44 7850 896 057  OR Dr. Paul Larudee  +1 510 224 3518.